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Our Goals

Our goal at Phase3Canine is to give you the tools to train your pet for any situation. Every dog is different and you will need to base your training accordingly. I have trained hundreds of dogs over many years and I guarantee that I can help you. I will give you the step by step process to allow you to feel confident to continue the trainer roll. ​Your dog is capable of learning new things no matter the breed or age he/she is. Training must be consistent and with the tools that I provide, training will no longer be a chore. Let me help you transform your pet into the companion you have always wanted.  

Our Services

Training Phases

Phase I

The learning phase. Two sessions a week for three weeks; that is 6 sessions total. We will start with basic marker training.

Phase 2 Canine Training

Phase II

Two sessions a week for two weeks, that is 4 sessions total.

Phase 3 Canine Training

Phase III

The Advanced/Maintenance Phase. Two sessions for one week.

Phase 3 Canine Training


This phase is used for behavioral problem solving. Does your pet jump on people, lick or bark uncontrollably?

Specialized Training

Here at Phase3Canine I specialize in canine tracking. Over the years I
have successfully trained multiple canines in the art of tracking by
utilizing the latest tracking techniques.

Our Record

Well trained dogs are happy, healthy and make the dog/person relationship so much better for both of you.
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